STA Design Philosophy

What really matters with Architecture? It means different things to different people, but for us here at STA Architecture must be a Story That Is Well Told. Simply put, our Architectural philosophy is based on 2 things – the idea that the design is based on a certain Narrative, and that the process of making it must be driven by the need to create Quality.

Quality pervades our office’s design philosophy. Instead of being insistent on creating stylized Architecture or Design, our office instead focuses on creating Quality Spaces and Quality Environments. You can say that we design from the Inside Out, because we strongly believe that if we focus on creating Quality Spaces and not merely on Style, we can create well-considered and sensitive Architecture which in turn, directly influences the most important measure of a successful project – the improvement of the Quality of Life.

The pursuit of Quality also means that the execution of the Design must follow certain high values. We are committed to delivering works of Quality by implementing certain standards in our office. At the core of this is the spirit of enquiry – challenging preconceptions and testing conventions – at every level of design. This is done in the office via the Research – Design – Implementation – Review – Improve work-cycle, which leads us to not just produce improved design but also better construction details, drawings, documentation, project management and delivery methodology. More importantly, this is done with the highest respect for the Clients’ precious resources of cost and time. We strongly feel that our commitment to the Client must fulfill and should exceed their expectations of budget, quality of building, timely completion and quality of Professional service.

STA is also fully committed to the belief that the environment and human endeavour are not mutually exclusive and through creative and considered design, can effectively cohabit and perpetually enhance one another sustainably, socially, as well as economically. Whenever possible, we shall lead our Clients to Sustainable and Responsible built environments.